Interview with Kieran Gilbert and Laura Jayes, AM Agenda, Sky News

18 December 2018

JAYES: Let's go live now to Brisbane, the Assistant Treasurer, Stuart Robert joins us. Stuart Robert, thank you for your time. Andrew Broad, a distraction or something more serious? ROBERT: Well, I think it's certainly a distraction from the main message which is the rapid return to surplus after ten years and after what Labor […]

Interview with Ben Fordham, 2GB

14 December 2018

FORDHAM: The Federal Government has pledged to override plans by some states to remove gender from birth certificates. The Tasmanian lower house has passed legislation to leave gender off birth certificates and the bill will go to the states upper house next year, a similar move is being considered in the Northern Territory, but the […]

Interview with Kieran Gilbert and Laura Jayes, AM Agenda, Sky News

27 November 2018

Kieran Gilbert: Joining us now on the program the Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert. Thanks so much for your time. First of all, your reaction to the comments as reported by the Herald Sun today of Kelly O’Dwyer yesterday where she said the Party is perceived, elements of the Party is seen as climate deniers, anti-women […]

Interview with Peter Switzer and Noel Whitaker, Money Talks with Peter Switzer

12 November 2018

SWITZER: The Royal Commission has unearthed a lot of questions about our financial system, so how will financial advisers be affected? To answer this question we have legendary financial adviser Noel Whitaker, who is now executive in residence, an adjunct professor at the QUT Business School and the nation's Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert joining us […]

Interview with Paula Kruger and James Lush, Mornings with Paula Kruger, ABC Perth

7 November 2018

KRUGER: Stuart Robert is the Assistant Treasurer and he joins us now. Good morning. What do you say to what the Grattan Institute has just reported? Do they have a point? ROBERT: They've got a point in as much their analysis lines up with Treasury as well as the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing […]